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At Must, we develop intelligent travel assistants designed to deliver an exceptional experience to users visiting a destination.

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Revolutionizing the Travel Experience

Our assistant integrates artificial intelligence with up-to-date destination data to provide personalized recommendations, creating a unique travel experience for users visiting a location.

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Smart Travel Assistants

Discover some of our smart travel assistants.

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Smart Travel Assistant Creation Process

Customized Data Collection

We use specialized techniques and collaborate with Must ambassadors and local leaders to gain authentic insights and curate accurate and relevant content, delivering a tailored and enriching user experience.


We created an Intelligent Travel Assistant that integrates a pre-trained language model, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and disruptive technology. This product is the core of our solution, offering intelligent and tailored responses to travelers' needs.

Mascot Design and Integrated Campaign

We create a distinctive mascot representative of the destination and incorporate it into a branding and marketing campaign to enhance the identity of the product and its promotion. Its versatility facilitates the generation of educational and valuable digital content, enriching the brand and benefiting users.

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