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The present legal notice and information regulated the use of the service of the mobile phone application under the following name: ‘DISCOVER MUST’, property of the partnership ‘MUST TRAVEL & TECH S.L.’.

DISCOVER MUST is the commercial name of mobile phone application set above and object of the present legal advice. MUST TRAVEL & TECH S.L., as provider of information society services, is subject of the dispositions set forth on Law 34/2002, of 11th of July, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services.

DISCOVER MUST is a commercial name property of MUST TRAVEL & TECH S.L., with CIF (tax ID number) B67225169, with Spanish nationality, with domicile in Plaza Pau Vila 1, Palau de Mar Pier 01, 08039 Barcelona. The partnership is registered in the Commercial Registry of Barcelona.

The mobile phone application is property of MUST TRAVEL & TECH S.L., which reserves the power to carry, at any moment and without previous notice, modifications and updates of the information and functioning of the application, or on the configuration and provision of it. The owner holds all author rights over the contents of the application, whether obtained through its own right or through leases or through agreements with third-persons.

For the access of this application, including all its functions, it is accepted that MUST TRAVEL & TECH S.L., will not be liable of any consequence or damage derived from said access or use to the information of said Application or from the access to other matters on Internet through the connections with this Application. Neither will MUST TRAVEL & TECH S.L. be liable, and the USER accepts this, for the errors or informatic problems caused by computer viruses, bugs, malware or other social engineer attacks (such as phishing, pharming, trojans, etc.) that third-persons may have maliciously located in our servers, during the timeframe until the reactive  security measures that this entity disposes of are activated. In case such attack on the security of the application occurs and the data protection is affected, the responsible must inform of said attack within a maximum time-limit of 72h to the authority, in this case the Spanish Data Protection Agency, and to the USER over the possible attack on the privacy of his/her data.

If the USER is aware of errors in the functioning or strange behaviors of the application, the USER can send an e-mail to the following address: _____. It is prohibited the access to the content of this application through mechanized systems different from natural persons, as they can cause damages to the owner as the latter cannot measure with objectivity the audiences.

 In the case that a USER contracts through a relationship established through email, there is no right of withdrawal because they are professional services.


The contents and information provided through DISCOVER MUST comply with the current legislation and are property of MUST TRAVEL & TECH S.L. or acquire or exploited with legitimate ownerships.

The owner of the mobile application can offer services or products which may be subject to particular terms which, depending on the case, substitute, complete and/or modify the present Terms, and of which the USER will be informed in each particular case.

The use of the application attributes the condition as USER of it and implies, after the due and express acceptation, entirely and without reserves of all and each of the dispositions included in this Legal Notice in the version published by MUST TRAVEL & TECH S.L., after being duly informed and at the time of accessing the content and functionalities of the application, the modifications produced in this Legal Notice will be informed to the USER of how they affect the treatment of your data.

La utilización de la aplicación atribuye la condición de usuario de la misma e implica, tras la debida aceptación expresa, plena y sin reservas de todas y cada una de las disposiciones incluidas en este Aviso Legal en la versión publicada por MUST TRAVEL & TECH S.L., tras haber sido debidamente informado y al acceder al contenido y funcionalidades de la aplicación las modificaciones producidas en este Aviso Legal serán informadas al usuario sobre cómo afectan estas al tratamiento de sus datos. 

The User commits him/herself to use the Application, the contents and services in compliance with the Law, the present Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy, the good practices and the public order. Likewise, the USER obliges him/herself not to use the Application or services provided through the Application with illegal or contrary to the present Legal Notice, damaging to the interests or rights of third-persons purposes or effects, or that in any manner may damage, unable or deteriorate the Application or its services, or impede a normal enjoyment of the Application by other USERS.

Likewise, the USER expressly commits him/herself not to destroy, alter, unable or, in any other manner, damage the data, electronic programs or documents and also that are found in the present Application.

The USER commits him/herself not to introduce programs, virus, macros, controls, or any other logistic device or sequence of characters which cause or are susceptible to cause any type of alteration in the informatic systems of the owner of the Application or of third-persons. 

The USER accepts and declares to acknowledge the present Legal Notice and Privacy Policy. Otherwise, the USER must abandon the Application at this very moment.

The activity is not subject of any previous administrative authorization regime, nor attached to Codes of Conduct, unless bona fide, customs and the Spanish Civil Code. 


The Application can contain advertising contents or be sponsored. The advertisers and sponsors are the only ones responsible of assuring that the issued material for its inclusion in this Application comply with the laws and consents that in each case can be applied. The owner of the Application will not be liable of any mistake, inaccuracy or irregularity that can be contained in the advertising contents or of the sponsors. Neither will the owner of the Application be liable for the damages to the sensibility caused by the advertising material or any other material to the USERS or visitors of the Application. For information on minors, read the Privacy Policy.


All the contents of the Application, unless otherwise indicated, are of exclusive ownership of the owner of the Application or of third-persons and, including but not limited, the graphic design, illustrations, pictures, developments, projects and other elements appearing in the Application.

Likewise, all commercial names, trademarks or distinctive signs of any type, contained in the Application, are protected by Law.

The owner of the Application does not grant any type of license or authorization of personal use to the USER or visitor over its Intellectual and/or Industrial property rights or over any other right related with its Application and the services offered in it.

All rights reserved

The USER or visitor acknowledges that the reproduction, distribution, commerce, transformation, and in general, any other manner of exploitation, through any process, of all or part of the contents of this Application, constitutes an infringement of the Intelectual and/or Industrial property rights of the owner of the Application or the owner of the said rights, and a criminal offence of the Spanish Criminal Code, and it is prohibited.


The USER is the only person liable for the infringement in which he/she may incur or of the damages that may cause as consequence of the use of the Application or of its contents, being the owner of the Application, its partners, providers, collaborators, employers and representatives, exempt of any type of liability which can derived from the acts of the USER.

The owner of the Application will exercise all efforts and reasonable measures to facilitate updated and accurate information on the Application, nonetheless, the owner of the Application does not assume any guarantee in relation to the absence of errors, or of possible inaccuracies and/or omissions in any of the contents accessible through this Application.

The USER is the only liable before any type of claim or legal, judicial or extrajudicial action, presented by other USERS or third-persons against the owner of the Application based on the use of the material by the USER or of its contents or by third-persons. In the case, the USER will assume every expense, cost and compensation suffered by the owner of the Application as consequence of said claims or legal actions.


The owner of the Application excludes every liability which may derive from interferences, omissions, interruptions, programming viruses, telephonic failures or shutdowns in the operative electronic system functioning, caused by external agents to the owner of the Application. 

Likewise, the owner of the Application also excludes any liability that can derive from delays or blockages in the operative functioning of this electronic system caused by deficiencies or overload in the telephonic lines or on Internet, as well as for the damages caused by third-persons through the illegal intromissions outside the control of the owner of the Application.

The owner of the Application holds the power to temporarily suspend, and without previous notice, the accessibility of the Application on grounds of maintenance, repair, updating or improvement operations.


The owner of the Application is exempt for any liability related to the information outside the Application, for the links that appear are solely to inform the USER about the existence of other sources of information on a particular matter or of advertising.


Notwithstanding the established matters in each of the forms in the Application, when the USER facilitates the data of personal nature, the USER is expressly authorizing the owner of the Application for the treatment of the USER’s personal data for the purposes established on the forms or on the Privacy Policy. The owner of the Application will incorporate the facilitated data, by the USER, in a file, ownership of the owner, duly communicated to the Spanish Data Protection Agency and that it complies with the current legislation.

The USER or his/her representative can exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, erasure, to be forgotten, objection and portability through a written and signed request addressed to the domicile stated in the section ‘Privacy Policy’ of the present Application. 

You are informed also that the IP data (Internet Protocol data) of the subscribed person from which you connect with our Application will be stored during the time-limits established on the current legislation, after which the IP data will be automatically deleted, for a purpose of security and collaboration with Justice.


Pursuant to Article 22(2) of the Law on Information Society Services USERS must be provided with clear and comprehensive information on the use of data storage and recovery devices and, in particular, on the purposes of the data processing, in accordance with the Organic Law 3/2018, 5th of December, on Personal Data Protection. In this respect, cookies will be used. They are small files whose aim is to remember visited pages to facilitate future web surfing. You may delete the cookies by selecting the appropriate option in your browser. At any time, you may delete all the cookies by selecting the appropriate option in your browser. 

As a USER of this Website you acknowledge that cookies will be deposited, if appropriate, for the sole purpose of facilitating navigation in the information society services offered by the Website, and not for any additional purposes, for which a consent is not required. In case of doubts, you have been informed of these purposes, you have received due explanation of what cookies are and what they are needed for, and you consent to them being deposited, and you are always entitled to use the browser option which will refuse or eliminate cookies at any time. If you do not consent, you should leave the Website in this moment. If you continue surfing, you accept the use of cookies.


The owner of the Application reserves itself the right to modify, develop or update, at any moment and without previous notice, the terms of use of the present Application. In case of carrying them, the USER must be duly informed of it and of how they affect the treatment of his/her data, after which he/she must declare express and unmistakable consent to continue with the use of the offered services.


All disputes which may arise in relation of the Application of the present Legal Notice will be addressed before the domicile of the owner of the Application Courts.

In compliance with the right of information stated under art. 10 of the Law 34/2002, of 11th of July, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, the following identifying data of the service provider through the Platform of MUST is given:


Plaza Pau Vila 1, Palau de Mar Pier 01, 08039 Barcelona 

CIF (tax ID number): B67225169 

E-mail address: [indicar correo electrónico] 

Commerce Registry of Barcelona, Volume 46430, Sheet 80, Section 8, Page B-519735

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