5 best bars in Malasaña, Madrid

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February 3, 2020
Vintage, alternative, retro, kitsch, underground, hipster or bohemian. These are the best bars in Malasaña!

Whether you are into vintage, alternative, retro, modern, underground or hipster, Malasaña is your place!

Malasaña is one of the best known areas of Madrid. It was the main character of La Movida Madrileña (a countercultural movement that happened mainly in Madrid during the Spanish transition) back in the 70s-80s. Malasaña has changed a lot since then, becoming nowadays the trendiest district in town.

Creativity, old book shops, live music, street markets, urban art, modernity, tradition and bicycles gather around Malasaña surrounded by bohemian, alternative, hipster, retro, underground, vintage or even dog-friendly bars.

Enjoy the best bars in Malasaña with this selection that we’ve prepared for you while strolling around its calles and plazas full of young students enjoying the best nightlife of Madrid.

5. Tupperware

In 1995, a different bar was born in Malasaña: the Tupperware. We want to emphasize on the word “different” we just used since it doesn’t really mean the same in Malasaña: here, different means regular. Nevertheless, the Tupperware still stands out thanks to it decoration: it is a rock bar with a kitsch air and many pop references flooding its decoration, from Star Wars to the “Spanish Barbie”.

On its 2 floors you’ll find lava lamps, fake TVs, Star Treck toys and even some psychedelics eyes staring at you from the ceiling while listening to live music or DJ sets. It is considered to be one of the most underground bars in Madrid and is frequented by artists and musicians that come to the Tupperware to inhale inspiration from its unique, dark environment.

Grab a beer and just let yourself go among the most hipster clientele of Malasaña!


  • Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 26

Opening Times

  • Monday - Sunday - 19.00-03.00

Average Prices

4. El Rincón

Its name means corner in Spanish and that’s exactly what El Rincón is: a charming, small corner in lively Malasaña. What might strike you the most is its perfect location as well as its decoration: wooden chairs and tables mixed with blue metal ones surrounded by old black and white photos and pictures hanging on light blue walls.

You can’t miss out the amazing tapas (especially the tortilla de patatas one) and coffees they serve followed by many healthy and eco products such as their huevos rancheros. Our recommendation is to stop by El Rincón to enjoy a tasty breakfast (coffee with croissant, muffin, toasts or churros, 2,50€) or to have the best lunch in Malasaña: 1 dish, 1 drink, bread and dessert for 11€. Psss! Try their pasta or their tacos!

Enjoy El Rincón from its terrace while having a nice, cold beer or one of their well-known cocktails (smoking joints here is forbidden according to what they say on their blackboards).


  • Calle Espíritu Santo, 26

Opening Times

  • Monday - Sunday - 09.00-02.00

Average Prices

  • 11€-24€
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3. La Vía Láctea

Another old must of Malasaña. Opened in 1979, it became really popular as a concert hall back when La Movida Madrileña was rocking the Spanish rock culture. It is probably one the biggest bars in Malasaña: on its 2 floors you’ll find 4 different rooms that will give you a sense of relax among all the unkempt graffiti on the walls that will make you feel the grunge vibe that still lives here.

From old school rockers to young madrileños and madrileñas looking for a true taste of a not-so-distant past, at La Vía Láctea you will enjoy a good variety of local beers while listening to some live rock, indie or pop music. Despite its age, La Vía Láctea still rocks the nightlife of Madrid!


  • Calle de Velarde, 18

Opening Times

  • Sunday - Thursday - 19.00-3.00
  • Friday - Saturday - 19.00-3.30

Average Prices

2. El Penta

Alongside with La Vía Láctea, El Penta is one of the musts of Malasaña. It first opened back in 1976 creating a new concept in Madrid: bar and disco. It is considered to be THE BAR of La Movida Madrileña and Spanish pop music. Young people used to gather at El Penta to have drinks and fun (and some other “funny” things) and, as La Movida appeared, musicians transformed it into a temple of modernity.

Nowadays, @elpenta_bar is the perfect combination of a small, traditional bar with modern  characteristics in which you’ll dance to the music from the 80s and 90s. Enjoy the best environment at El Penta to get your night going!


  • Calle de la Palma, 4

Opening Times

  • Sunday - Thursday - 21.00-3.00
  • Friday - Saturday - 21.00-3.30

Average Prices

1. Triskel Tavern

Commonly known by locals as 'The Triskel', it has 5 imported tap beers, draught cider and bottled beers as well as a great number of Scottish malt and Irish blended whiskies. You can also get amazing food (but only on weekends) such as pies or Pilar’s tortilla, probably one of the best in Madrid. You’ll want to get downstairs to “La Caverna”, an authentic cavern with arched ceilings and brick walls that was once used to cure hams.

The Triskel stands out from the rest of the bars nearby thanks to its rustic, celtic style as well as to its small stage for live music or its weekly jam sessions and quiz nights. All in all, the Triskel means good beer really well served. Stop by the Triskel Tavern whenever you are in Malasaña and you’ll even get the chance to share a beer with famous Spanish comedian Ignatius Farray.


  • Calle San Vicente Ferrer, 3

Opening Times

  • Monday - Friday - 18.00-03.00
  • Saturday - Sunday - 13.00-03.00

Average Prices

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