5 low-budget Latin restaurants in Barcelona

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February 3, 2020
Who said you need to take a plane to travel to Latin America? If you are in Barcelona but want to feel like you are in Mexico, Peru, or similar, you can try their delicious meals that teleport you there. Well, there is nothing better than savoring a tasty dish made as if it were local, and that makes you feel like somewhere else.

On this post, you will discover which are the 5 best Latin restaurants in Barcelona, where you can taste amazing dishes without spending a lot of money:

5. La Giraldilla

If what you want is to teleport to the Caribbean, then you should go to Giraldilla. It is the right place to find the best Cuban meals in Barcelona.

It is a place with handmade tiles, wooden tables, photos on the wall and, if you visit it on a Sunday, you can enjoy live music. They really offer a complete experience!

As they have a super complete menu, the owner herself helps you solve any doubts you have. She is super friendly! Besides, she can even give you a recommendation of the best to try that day.

After reading these recommendations, it is impossible not to be tempted to try a dish from each of these restaurants, right? That is why I recommend that, first of all, choose what kind of food you want to try. And then, look at how your week comes to check when you are free.

One last but not least recommendation: invitesomeone to come with you. Why? To order a few dishes and share them, so they can try different meals.You should keep in mind that the menu offers many options and makes you want to try everything!

  • Address: Carrer Provença, 32 (Barcelona)
  • Price: 4-15€

4. El Pachuco

This Mexican restaurant offers excellent quality dishes at an affordable price. What better combination than this?

It is located in the Raval, hidden between the streets, in a tiny place but with a lot of flavor. It is one of the most authentic places to eat tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and even drink mezcal and tequila.

The only drawback of this site is that they have an extensive waiting time. For some, especially impatient people, this canbe tedious. But for a good foodie, such a place means a gastronomic gem.

  • Price: 4-15€

3. La Brasa Roja

The most curious thing about this place is its smell of embers. When you pass by, the smell hypnotizes you because it is amazing!

For this reason, it is a must to order a grilled chicken when you visit this place. Although it is not the only good thing they have on the menu.

Another good option is to order the menu of the day, which costs 9.50 euros during the week. It includes a Peruvian ceviche as a first course, which makes you want to lick your fingers,literally. If you don't believe it, try it yourself.

They have 2 stores so it is quite accessible, no matter which side of Barcelona you are. So there are no excuses for not coming to try their dishes!

  • Address: Valencia 433, Sagrada Familia • Poeta Cabanyes 11, Paralel (Barcelona)
  • Price: 6-12€
  • Instagram:@labrasarojabcn

2. El Rincón de la Abuela Venezolana

They have more than 12 years of experiences haring Venezuelan cuisine, so it is the best place to come to try it.

This "corner" is the kingdom of arepas and tequeños. If you ever tried Venezuelan food, then you must have tried the arepas. Otherwise, what are you waiting for?

El Rincónde la Abuela Venezolana (“the Corner of the Venezuelan Grandmother”) has more than a decade in Barcelona, and offers an extensive menufor you to try all kinds of Venezuelan food. Besides, they have a store where you can buy the most popular Venezuelan products and try all the recipes from your home.

  • Address: Carrer de Mallorca 470 (Barcelona)
  • Price: 5-15€
  • Instagram: @rinconabuelavenezolana

1. El Pulgarcito

Curious to try how Central American gastronomy tastes?

In this place you will find food from all over Central America, from tamales to beef broths and absolutely everything on the menu is delicious.

Our recommendation is the combo of 3 pupusasat only 5 euros. Pupusas are corn tortillas stuffed with melted cheese, porkrinds or beans and if you are adventurous you can order them with all thescrambled ingredients.

Besides, it has a privileged location because it is in the Eixample district.

  • Address: Carrer de la Indústria 172 (Barcelona)
  • Price: 5-15€
  • Instagram: @restauranteelpulgarcito

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