5 Must Specialty Coffee Shops in Barcelona

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February 3, 2020
Discover the best specialty coffee shops in Barcelona to enjoy a first-class artisan coffee.

5 Must Specialty Coffee Shops in Barcelona

Check out the list of the best coffee shops in Barna with first-class products

We know there are literally hundreds of lists out there telling you where to get a perfect coffee in Barcelona. Their problem is that they’re filled with clutter when all you want is to have a nice cup of coffee.

That’s why we’re here. Must brings you fresh info of the best spots in the city. Are you a coffee lover but you’re tired of the mass-produced thing? Just check out this list and enjoy the best flavors and aromas!

5. Onna Coffee

Originally from Costa Rica and born in a family of coffee growers (you can already get an idea of how good the coffee is going to be), Annahí Páez offers a really different coffee from the ones you’re probably used to.

The variety you’ll find here is called Rio Jorco and comes all the way from Costa Rica. It’s uniqueness is formed by a mixture of hundreds of nuances, but their amazing coffee beans are not the only great thing about Onna Coffee: the staff is really friendly and internationally oriented and they will suggest the best way for you to enjoy your coffee.

As they say, “we love good stuff made with care and we'll pamper you with good coffee, good food and good bakes”. Sounds more than good to us!


  • Carrer de Santa Teresa, 1

Opening Time

  • Mo - Fri, 8.00-19.00h, Sat - Sun, 9.00-19.00h

4. Hidden Café Barcelona

Run by two friends, Carlos and Mateo, @hiddencafebarcelona has a roaster of its own. Carlos’ family has been working with coffee since 1979, and these two coffee lovers travel around the world to find the best, freshest grains.

Get your coffee served with a glass of water. The guys will bring your order with a small card that explains how your specialty choice has been prepared. Enjoy the lovely atmosphere of this small shop in a district you probably won’t know that much, Les Corts. It’s time to discover new places!


  • Carrer Constança, cornering with Déu i Mata

Opening Time

  • Mo - Fri, 8.00 - 20.00h
  • Sat - Sun, 9.00 - 22.00h

3. Satan’s Coffee Corner

Marcos Bartolomé and his team run two coffee shops with a really modern philosophy. The coffee is made with locally roasted Right Side Coffee grains and they are in constant rotation. Apart from their coffees, you’ll also find great food here. But what we really love is that the drinks are huge!

Check out Satan’s coffee shop in the Gothic Quarter for a hipstery, relaxed vibe. If you’re looking for a classier touch and a modern, simplistic design, go over to @satanscoffeeco inside the @casabonay hotel, near Arc de Triomf.


  • Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 700 (every day, 8.00-18.00h)
  • Carrer de Sant Ramon del Call, 11 (Mo - Fri, 9.00-18.00, Sat - Sun, 10.00-18.00h)

2. SlowMov

@slow.mov founder Carmen Callizo decided one day that she wanted to dedicate herself to making artisanal coffee. After learning everything she needed to know in France, she came back to Barcelona to open this specialty coffee shop. She imports most of her grains from France and supports local producers.

This spot is definitely a place to visit if you’re in Gràcia. Learn how to make real coffee with their courses or just enjoy some of their bio products. Interesting fact: they only work with specialty coffees; single-origin, and 100% Arabica.


  • Carrer de Luis Antúnez, 18

Opening time:

  • Tuesday-Friday, 8.30 - 15.00h
  • Saturday, 10.00 - 14.30h

1. Nømad Cøffee Lab

Run by award-winning barista Jordi Mestre, the coffee at Nømad is prepared the London way. That’s what he insisted on since the very beginning, back in 2013. He wanted quality in-house roasted coffee, prepared in every possible way.

We’re in love with the @nomadcoffee at Passatge Sert, set in a super grungy street filled with plants. You’ll get to taste some serious coffee roasted in Barcelona while surrounded by a unique decoration. What more could you want?


  • Passatge Sert, 12 (Monday to Friday)
  • Carrer de Joaquim Costa, 26 (every day)
  • Carrer de Pujades, 95 (Monday to Friday)

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