Best Vegan Restaurants in Madrid

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February 3, 2020
Looking for a place where you can have some tasty vegan food? If so, you must look at the top five places to eat vegan food in Madrid.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Madrid

Eating is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, pleasure in the world. Everyone, ranging from fitness freaks to people who do not care about calories at all, have at least one favorite dish and dessert. And what better way to enjoy your favorite food, if not in a nice restaurant, where you can sit, relax, and be delighted by an exquisite cuisine?

Because we know that everyone has a different taste when it comes to food, we have taken the time to review the best places for vegans to eat in Madrid.

The Top-Five Vegan Restaurant in Madrid:

5. Vega

"The Vegan Veteran that will not disappoint you."

If you like trending restaurants, Vega is the place for you. It is quite similar to La Encomienda; in fact, it was founded by one of its owners.

Vega was one of the first vegan restaurants in Madrid. That is why it is widely known by Madrid’s vegan community. Therefore, if you are thinking of going, you should make your reservation with enough time; the place is always very crowded!

If you manage to squeeze yourself in, you will enjoy from their 100% hand-made vegan cuisine. Which, according to its many customers, is one of the best around Madrid. Black rice with "shrimps," Heure brochettes with vegetable and satay sauce, and their special mushroom ceviche are among their most famous, and tasty dishes. Additionally, you have a wide range of appetizers such as soups, salads, and snacks to choose from!

The best thing about Vega is that they go a little further from the other vegan restaurants. In their 100% vegan menu, you will also find unique wines and beers, all of them are hand-made and eco-friendly. So, on Vega, you can eat and drink Vegan.

Now, it is up to you to choose one, or more, among this fine selection of restaurants. And don't forget to bring your friends with you! The delicious vegan food offered by all these options will rock the mouth of anyone who eats it.

  • Address: C/ Luna, 9 (Metro Santo Domingo)
  • Price: Starting at €10

4. Chilling Café

A minimalist coffee shop with a catchy menu."

While this is not a common restaurant, we could not end this review without mentioning it. This is one of the few vegan coffee shops that you will find around Madrid. And it is unique! With its minimalist architecture and amazing food, it is the perfect place to meet friends and, like the name says, chill a bit.

They have a wide variety of brunches, snacks, breakfasts, and meals that will blow your mind! However, the menu usually changes on a weekly basis. Still, they have some permanent options such as the bao kisses, which the favorite dish among its customers.

If you ever go to Chilling, you must try the vegan tortilla and one of their amazing vegan cakes; you'll be thanking us later. But if you are into eating something "fattier," you can take a bite to the "Burger Beat." With its lentil meat, mushrooms, and beet, it is a delight even for the most demanding tastes.

Chilling Cafe is a great place to hang out; everything here is made with the highest degree of care, to provide you with the best experience possible.

  • Address: C/Estrella, 5 (Metro Santo Domingo)
  • Price: Staring at €10

3. Pizzi&Dixie

The Italian Answer to Vegans Prayers”

The Italian food, with their plates of pasta and pizzas, are everyone's temptation. And, is that we have to agree that everyone craves for a good pizza. It does not matter if you are deep into the vegan lifestyle; Italian food will pull you to the dark side. Yes, we know what you are thinking; if only there was a place where you could eat 100% vegan Italian food! Well, it looks like Pizzi&Dixie has the answer to your prayers.

Pulling the strings of the restaurant, you will find Nacho Sanchez. A dedicated chef that, with his high attention to detail and creativity, makes the most wonderful vegan Italian dishes you will ever taste. And believe us when we tell you that his creativity knows no limits! Each one of his creations has a distinctive feature, ranging from the purple potato gnocchi and the blue spinach tortellini to the classic pizza Dixie made with activated carbon, Nacho has a dish for every taste.çBecause you can never have enough Italian, Pizzi&Dixie also offers a wide range of vegan desserts. We recommend you to try the pizza dulce (Sweet Pizza). With its hazelnut cream and fruits, it will be fattening, yet worthy experience.

Because you can never have enough Italian, Pizzi&Dixie also offers a wide range of vegan desserts. We recommend you to try the pizza dulce (Sweet Pizza). With its hazelnut cream and fruits, it will be fattening, yet worthy experience.

  • Address: C/ San Vicente Ferrer, 16 (Metro Tribunal, Noviciado)
  • Price: Starting at 10€

2. Rayen Vegano

"A Vegan Restaurant to its Roots”

If you are looking for a place to eat delicious and healthy food, Rayen Vegano is for you. As soon as you pass through the doors, you will be greeted by its unique essence. And is that this tiny restaurant has made a commitment, not only with its clients but with the animals and the environment as well. Fortunately, this commitment goes all the way to Rayen Vegano's kitchen. A place where all the dishes are made with vegan and eco-friendly ingredients.

One cool thing about this place is that, depending on the season, the menu is different! On summer days, you can delight your mouth with either the lentil caviar wrapped with avocado, lupine on raspberry jam, black rice with mushrooms sauce, or with their cashew cheese and olive paste pizza! And if you are up to it, you can enjoy their special weekend brunches.

  • Address: Calle de Lope de Vega, 7, 28014 Madrid
  • Price: 10€ - 15€ (Depending on the order)

1. Bunnys Deli

"A restaurant with a 100% Vegan and eco-friendly philosophy."

This is hands down, the best vegan restaurant that you'll find. Not only for their exquisite 100% vegan menu but because Monta, the owner, makes every dish at the very moment of your order. And, if you like cozy places, you will find on Bunny's Deli, the best place to enjoy your favorite vegan meals.

Every meal is made with 100% vegan-proof ingredients. Besides, Monta uses the freshest spices and ingredients in her kitchen, transforming the act of eating into a sensorial experience. Believe us, with the "noodles crudiveganos" and their own special Cesar's Salad, we had the privilege to witness Monta's art. And, if after enjoying your bowl, you still have some free storage for dessert, we recommend you to try the pumpkin pie; it is an absolute wonder!

One thing that we love about Bunny's Deli is that it is a self-sustainable restaurant. Yes! They use 100% renewable energy, and with their biodegradable food containers, it is the perfect place for eco-friendly customers.

But Bunny's Deli is more than just a simple restaurant. Monta gives away part of her earnings to charity and social projects. On top of that, the restaurant has such a particular atmosphere that you will fall in love with it, and you'll wish to return as soon as you get out.

  • Address: C/San Gregorio, 17 (Metro Chueca)
  • Price: 10€ - 15€

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