Top 5 Speakeasy Bars In Barcelona

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February 3, 2020
Speakeasy bars are small remnants of the prohibitionera in Europe. These hidden gems were once illicit establishments that secretlysold liquor and liquor based drinks. Due to their illegal activities, many ofthese bars were located in low-key locations.

Most of these establishments would produce their own liquor or had to make do with whatever low-quality alcohol they could get. Tomake the most out of their situation, these bars started producing signature cocktail drinks that tasted great. The cocktails masked the taste of thelow-quality alcohol with other liquids, such as a mix of fruit juices.

Although the prohibition era ended a long time ago, speakeasy bars still exist today as vintage-themed retro bars, famous for their cocktails. Here is our list of the best bars in Barcelona that are amust-visit!

5.  Pipa Club

One of the mostwell-established smoker’s clubs in Barcelona, Pipa Club, also happens to be aspeakeasy bar from the olden days. Although the club is private, non-membersare allowed to enter as well. The place has numerous unique features such aslive jazz and swing shows and even a pool.

The whole area has anelegant, luxurious, and comfortable vibe to it. It is a great place to spend aSaturday evening if you’re visiting Barcelona and don’t want to go through thehassle of trying to find a hard-to-get-in, entirely exclusive speakeasy bar.

Speakeasy bars have a world of their own. Hidden behind unassuming places and names, these places are pockets of Spanish history and culture. If you genuinely want to experience Barcelona, a visit to one of these speakeasy bars is an absolute must! Use our list to pick out the best speakeasy bar for you to visit on your trip to Barcelona now!

  • Price: 10-25€

4.  El Paradiso

A trendy newcomer in theleague of exclusive speakeasy bars, El Paradiso, is a small bar hidden behindan unassuming pastrami cafe. Like most speakeasy bars, the entrance to thisplace baffles many comers since it is designed as a fridge door.

Giacomo Giannotti, a famousaward-winning barman, made the drinks served in this bar. Thus, these drinksare some of the finest ones served in Barcelona. El Paradiso is the perfectcombination of quirky and vintage and is the place to visit if you’rein Barcelona.

  • Price: 7-15€

3.  Dry Martini

Don Pere Carbonell openedthe secret speakeasy Dry Martini in 1978. This bar initially only had drymartinis on its menu but now features a range of cocktails and even a smallrestaurant! The food and drinks are to die for, and the ambiance of the place isgrand, rustic, and calming.

The place isn’texclusive anymore, and anyone can visit provided they’ve booked a table inadvance. However, guests are still taken through the backdoors to maintain someof that old-timey, prohibition-era charm.

  • Price: 10-25€

2.  Bobby’s Free

Bobby's free is another verywell hidden speakeasy bar. This place is much harder to find than the others onour list, mostly due to its puzzling exterior. The bar is designed as a fullyfunctional barber’s shop, with an actual barber operating the place anda sign saying Bobby's Free hanging at the front.

To enter the speakeasy, youmust tell the barber a secret password that only exclusive members know.Sometimes, the barber may not let you in even if you know the password if theplace is getting too crowded. The drinks at this place are delicious and wellworth the hype! So, if you’re in the city, make sure to book a place for yourselfand get the secret password!

  • Price: 8-15€ 

1.  Dr. Stravinsky

This fun, eccentric speakeasy bar is designed to resemble a lab. Not only does the interior mimic a lab, but the whole environment also makes you feel like you're in the world of science. The bartenders act as scientists and mix your drinks as if they were complicated experiments.

Dr. Stravinsky's place exudes a one-of-a-kind, quirky charm that you usually wouldn't find elsewhere.The shelves are also lined with numerous prizes that the bar has won from allover the world. So, you know you're in for a treat when you order drinks!

All of their drinks are great, and the place is both mystical and charming. This bar the perfect place to visit on a night out with your friends. No other place will show youBarcelona's stellar and unique speakeasy bar scene.

  • Price: 9-15€

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