Top 5 Street Art in Barcelona

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February 3, 2020
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Love urban art? Have no money but still want to see cool stuff in Barcelona? Explore a street art museum that you can visit for free on our blog!

Enjoy the best street art tour in Barcelona for free

Love urban art? You have no money but still want to see cool stuff? Yeah, you’re in the right city. Barcelona is a whole street art museum that you can visit for free and it attracts thousands of urban artists every year thanks to its myriad of spots to create.

So, if you’re anything like us, come enjoy this urban art gallery full of Musts we’ve made for you. 

5. Gràcia

In the bohemian district of Gràcia you’ll also find art in its many forms. This zone is one of the coolest around town to get a beer and discover the best-hidden art. We love the portraits by the pop artist @axe-colours. There’s a lot of his work in this district, but it usually gets erased pretty fast. Guess you’ll have to be lucky!

Think you’ll still get to see Dany?

And if you are an art creator, the guys from Wallspot will help you find the perfect spot to let your art run free and, moreover, legally!

By the way! Have you found any new street art places around Barcelona? Download our app and create your list to add all your musts!

4. Sant Antoni

La Carbonería is a legendary graffiti spot in Sant Antoni. It was the first building ever built in the Eixample district and, despite the fact that it is abandoned, it’s still on its feet!

Stop by whenever you’re in Sant Antoni and check out the super-detailed mural this building is rocking. Spot any artists you already know?

3. El Raval

El Raval used to be the darkest side of Barcelona, where drugs and prostitution created a forbidden and lustful place to escape from monotony. Nowadays it has become a multicultural neighborhood full of street art and numerous art studios and galleries guarded by the notorious MACBA (Museum of Modern Art).

To get to know the art street of El Raval, just stroll around the neighborhood looking at all the paste-up and graffiti that you’ll find on many doors and walls. Don’t hesitate to stop by the MACBA museum square - where the great skate community of Barcelona meet - and check out the square in front and behind of the museum, Plaça de Joan Coromines. Pay some attention and you’ll see some of Keith Haring’s work too!

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2. El Paral·lel

In Paral·lel you will find one of the most active street art spots of the city, the Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies — (Catalan for Garden of the Three Chimneys). It is definitely not a green garden but a concrete one, crowned by three huge industrial chimneys that belonged to the old Light and Power Company Limited, aka “La Canadiense”. 

It is ocated right next to one of the most popular discos in Barcelona, Sala Apolo, and its brick walls are impregnated with colorful graffiti and murals that are constantly created and renewed by urban artists. Because one thing is clear: urban art is ephemeral by definition.

If you want to see some real live action, show up any weekend and enjoy creation to its fullest!

1. El Poblenou

The district of Poble Nou used to be the industrial part of Barcelona—a zone that looks totally different from the typical Barcelona you see on Instagram. Today, this place looks quite different, but its grungy vibe is definitely still there. You will still find a few abandoned factories and industrial buildings, but many of them have been transformed into art schools, studios and galleries.

The growing 22@ district is bringing in some futuristic buildings, which are really cool, of course. But what’s unique about El Poblenou is the dusty warehouses, abandoned factories, and hidden squares. And they’re all amazing to hunt for street art. Gather your friends and go check it out!

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