Vegetarian Restaurants In Barcelona

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February 3, 2020
Barcelona has a whole range of delectable vegetarian cuisine for people that know where to look. This guide lists some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city. Travelers can choose to visit any one of these restaurants, all with delicious vegetarian options for any kind of meal - breakfast, lunch, or dinner!‍

The city of Barcelona is a hub of culture, history, and art. One of the most versatile cities in the world, Barcelona has something for everyone. From hip, trendy bars to beautiful museums, this place should be on everyone’s bucket list.

However, traveling anywhere can be a nightmare for people with dietary restrictions! It's hard to find good eateries in a new place, trying to figure out if a place serves the right kind of food is dreadful! It's easy for anyone to get lost in the sea of restaurants and settle for sub-par flavors if they don't know what they're looking for.


Aguaribay is a vegan restaurant that serves authentic, fusion flavors and fresh ingredients. The place features a welcoming mix of different cuisines, including Spanish,  Japanese, and Mexican. Some of their most sought after dishes include delicious Nachos, different kinds of colorful homemade pasta, as well as healthy beans with cream of polenta.

They also serve a range of tapas that are sure to tantalize everyone’s tastebuds! Authentic vegan restaurants are hard to come by. Even if some individuals find some restaurants, their flavors simply miss the mark. However, this is not the case with Aguaribay, which features authentic vegan food, which is bursting with flavor!

  • Price: 10-15€


Owned by the president of the slow food Barcelona movement, this vegetarian bistro is a dream come true for vegetarians and vegans alike! The menu changes daily and is usually quite limited, but this is because they put a lot of thought and effort into producing the perfect dishes.

They also call their dishes ‘ecoformulas’, since each one is environment-friendly and made with the utmost care. The restaurant uses the best quality, local, fresh, and organic produce, which is what makes their food so delicious! The place isn’t over the top expensive either and is a safe haven for vegetarians looking for a simple yet, good food!

  • Address: Palau, 5, Barri Gòtic,  08002 Barcelona,
  • Price: €20-€35


Sésamo is a wonderful, cozy vegetarian cafe with a great selection of drinks as well!

Located in Raval, the restaurant has a great ambiance along with some of the best vegetarian food in the city!

The place pays special attention to making all their guests feel welcome. They strive to make sure their service is excellent and leave customers with no room for complaints. A must-have dish at Sesamo is their whole roasted cauliflower served with tahini and green sauce, and pine nuts on the side. This dish has people's mouth watering even when they’re full!

  • Price: 20-30€

Cat Bar

Cat Bar is a funky, hip vegetarian joint that's a big hit with people looking for a more contemporary vibe. The food is always delicious. Their vegan burger can honestly give any other vegan burger in the city a run for its money!

The joint also features some great beers, such as the Catalan craft beer and the Scottish brew dog! For people bored with the same kind of monotonous environment most vegetarian restaurants have and want to try something different, then this is the place to be!

  • Price: 5-15€
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Vegetalia is a beautiful little vegetarian cafe that serves fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits straight from their very own organic local garden. The place features a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, and all of them look as good as they taste.

Light and delicious empanadas, vegan quinoa burgers, or yummy zesty juices - this place has it all! All the dishes are bursting with flavor and leave customers licking their plates!  This restaurant is a must-visit for all vegetarian foodies traveling to Barcelona!

It can be difficult to navigate a new city for vegetarians, especially if they don’t speak the local language. Luckily, Barcelona has a large variety of vegetarian restaurant options. However, not all of them serve the best food. Travelers can use this list to decide which vegetarian restaurant they want to visit on their trip to Barcelona!

  • Price: 10-20€

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